There is no doubt that decks are an excellent addition to our homes that provide extraordinary outdoor living spaces to relish the beautiful weather and spend time socializing with family and friends. However, it needs routine cleaning and maintenance to stay inhabitable and safe, just like the spaces inside your home.

If you notice wobbly railings, splinters, or loose nails on your decks, maybe it’s time it needs a minor repair. It’s important to note that decks made of composites need less maintenance as compared to wooden decks, but not a single deck lasts forever on its own. In addition, decks need cleaning and care because they are exposed to many things throughout the year.

Therefore, it’s essential to form an upkeep routine to protect your deck from severe damage. The good news is; you can uphold your deck all by yourself. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Clean the Deck Regularly:

One of the most straightforward things you can do to upkeep your deck is to wash and clean it regularly. However, leaves or dirt can stay on your patio for a long time, leading to discoloration and encouraging mold growth. Here’s what you can do:

  • Sweep the deck regularly to remove debris or dirt from the surface
  • Make sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching
  • Use a deck cleaner or any other cleaning solution to scrub off the surface dirt and wash away mold buildup
  • Use a roller or spray to kill the mold and bacteria using a deck cleaner
  • Always use cleaners that are suitable for your deck; for example, try using a timber deck cleaner for wooden decks
  • Try using an oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach if the cleaning solutions don’t work to prevent discoloration and save the nearby plants from dying

2) Avoid High-powered Washer:

When it comes to washing a deck, it’s essential to use a suitable washer in order to keep the deck from damage. In addition, it would be best to wash the deck using a garden hose or fireman nozzle to keep the water pressure appropriate. Power washers or pressure washers are the most convenient way of cleaning the residue, but the risks of gouging the wood are undoubtedly high.

In order to avoid the risks, it’s recommended to stroke the nozzle alongside the wooden grain, about 8 inches away from the deck surface. In this way, you can easily clean your deck without damaging it in any way.

3) Conduct Regular Repairs:

You can save your decks from severe impairments by simply conduction routine repairs. Here’s what you can do:

  • If you notice nails or spikes nipping out of the deck, it would be best to hammer them down or replace them with new ones on the spot.
  • You can try replacing old nails with screws to keep the wood in place for a long time
  • Always take the time to fix the uneven deck as wood tends to shrink over time, making it dangerous and unsafe
  • Try to firmly constrict or replace the bolts or hinges securing the loose posts on your deck. However, if the wood on the deck is in unfortunate shape, it would be best to replace the open sections with new materials.
  • Pay attention to the ledger as a damaged ledger is the root cause of 90% of all deck collapses

4) Seal/Sand the Deck

Splinters or irregularities on a deck are common, but you can prevent them by sanding and sealing your deck. It’s crucial to seal your deck in order to prevent it from cracking, splitting, or warping. Firstly, you need to clean your deck properly, let it dry for a while, and then sand it to remove splinters. After that, coat the decking boards with a sealer to protect them from further damage.

However, a proper deck sealer or stain for your deck depends upon its material. Therefore, it would be best to opt for the right one. In addition, never use paint as a sealant because it may look good when it’s first applied, but it’ll appear flat-out distressed before long.

A Final Note

It’s essential to conduct routine maintenance, repair, and cleaning activities in order to keep your decks safe from damages. By following these simple steps, you can upkeep your decks. However, do you need an expert’s help to maintain your decks?

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