From time to time, any home will require some repairs. You may be able to do some of the job yourself at times. However, there are occasions when it appears that the task is too much for you to handle. It is only natural to call a handyman when this happens. We like to think of a handyman as a nice neighborhood helper who can fix all of your home’s minor annoyances.

In this blog, we will go through the fine print of hiring a handyman to ensure the best service and peace of mind.


  1. Are they Insured?

Even though this is one of the most straightforward credentials to verify, many people fail to do so. If you are working with someone or a business for the first time, do not just take their word for it! It is already too late if a serious incident occurs on your site. Do you believe it will never happen to you? Reconsider your position. Even minor house renovations might end in harm or damage.

You are completely accountable for any injuries on the job if a worker does not have liability insurance. If the handyman causes any damage to your property, you will want to be sure they are covered by insurance. Hiring a licensed professional ensures that they have a good understanding of how to execute their job. When you employ a handyman who is licensed, bonded, and insured, you are protecting yourself. Hiring a handyman who lacks those qualifications poses a significant risk.


  1. Is the price reasonable?

Before beginning the project, an expert handyman should be able to provide you a cost estimate. The final cost should typically be within 10% of the estimate. Make sure you get a documented estimate in advance and that the handyman understands the 10% guideline. A talented craftsman understands their value, and running a respectable firm is not cheap. There is probably a reason why a company is significantly less expensive than its competitors. Make sure you do your homework. You are protected from price gouging if you have a predetermined limit on how much you will pay.


  1. Do they claim to be the jack-of-all-trades?

While some individuals are very talented, very few can do everything and do it well. For example, most homeowners assume a handyman can replace their roof and remodel the bathroom. A decent handyman will generally have a wide range of abilities, but not all of them. A handyman might be able to handle some small electrical or plumbing work, such as replacing a light fixture or unclogging a drain. In comparison, a tradesperson should be given more extensive tasks. A good handyman business will employ artisans with various skills to fill the gaps and assign the one best suited to your job.  Please do your best to verify that they have someone skilled in the repair you are seeking.


  1. Do they want payment upfront?

It’s not uncommon for repairs or renovations to require a substantial amount upfront where the material cost is high, i.e., kitchen cabinets or anything involving lumber. Is this a repair job where the labor costs more than the materials? What if you have to pay a large sum of money upfront? To begin, go over steps 1, 2, and 3. Is it all good? Now it is time to get a contract in place. If they do, ensure that a payment schedule is accompanied by the work completed before each payment is issued. Make sure you save a final payment for after the work is complete.


  1. Do your research

Research the repair or remodel that you want to have done. What techniques are being used for this particular repair these days?  The internet can help regarding the correct way to do whatever you are looking to have done. Armed with basic knowledge, you will be better prepared to ask the right questions.  Eventually, it will help you hire the best professionals for the job.


The Bottom Line

These recommendations are a stepping stone to help you find someone qualified and reliable. Construction isn’t perfect, and sometimes follow-up visits or even warranty repairs are necessary. You must make every effort to pick a company that will be available when those needs arise. Take the hard road instead of the easy one. Always double-check. It might mean the difference between a masterpiece and a complete disaster.

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