Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Only Option Handyman Service LLC is a family-owned and operated professional property care service business founded in 2021. With more than 10 years of experience in the property care and repair industry, our expert handyman service providers are readily available to take care of all your tasks with professionalism and dedication, all-season.

Our experienced and trained handyman staff is responsive and alert. Not only do we reach the property destination on time, but we also come entirely equipped with tools and machines to solve your issues at a glance. Our process ensures that our workers don’t intentionally or unintentionally waste your time and theirs, running back and forth for tools to start working.

We provide high-quality, superior customer-based service to all our clients. Our wide range of services includes home repair, fans, light replacement and installing, carpentry and woodwork, repairing and installing doors, cleaning gutters, repairing drains, garbage disposal system installation, concrete or fence repair, painting, and mounting. We also offer plumbing services; installing faucets, repairing or installing toilets, showers, tubs, and plenty of assembling services for toys, furniture, bikes, exercise equipment, and above-ground pools. BBQ grills, or even trampolines – You think of it, we do it!

Our Goals

Our mission at Only Option Handyman Service LLC is to bring a high-quality, affordable home and property care service to a market that lacks the proper time to take care of the projects left unfinished. We understand that it’s hard for the modern generation to take appropriate time out of their busy lives to work on the piling up projects, time-consuming home repairs, or the extra tasks they would like to see done. Therefore, our goal is to accommodate these new-age homeowners and make their life easier, stress-free, and hassle-free. At Only Option Handyman Service LLC, we have the time, skill, and desire to Do It for You!

Why Choose Us?

We know what you need, and we understand your fears. Only Option Handyman Service LLC has a team of dexterous, experienced, and responsive professionals who ensure that no stone is left unturned. Our market-competitive prices, easy and straightforward process delivers 100% customer satisfaction.

Does it look like it’s impossible to finish a project? At Only Option Handyman Service LLC, we provide a helping hand in affordable rates and high-quality service – Only Option Handyman Service LLC is the ideal solution for all your home maintenance problems. Our professionals ensure to go through all your desired plans and deliver accordingly. We have the patience to deal with the younger generation, and we are willing to adjust our pricing to work with the elderly with fixed income. We work at your convenience, so contact us, and get to know more about our services.

A Message From The Founder,Todd Hunt

“I’ve always been good with handy work, from simple repairs to my home and those of friends and family. Over the years, I’ve engaged myself in several odd jobs, ranging from building furniture and shelving to landscaping and yard work. I’ve resolved minor plumbing issues, replaced flooring, drywall, and framing work, built sheds and trimmed trees, built grills and workout equipment. Working in several different fields, from agriculture to industrial maintenance, I ensure that your projects get done with superior professionalism and neat delivery.

When I worked in different fields, I met my second wife, Heather, who has been my biggest supporter. After almost a year of the constant daily grind of twelve plus hour shifts, six and seven days a week, we decided that it was no longer for us. It was hard for our family and left little time to enjoy quality time while maintaining a work-life balance. Therefore, in march 2021, with a new baby on the way, we decided that we take our combined skills and put them to use in a family-owned and operated business. We want to help others enjoy their work-life balance and take their stress away from the piles of building projects that never seem to end.

We hope you have a good time working with us!”