Wood is all about aesthetics! A wondrous material loved by most homeowners globally – wood is versatile in use, and the only limit of what you can make with it is restricted by your imagination. Whether you decorate your gardens and pull up wood fences or showcase wood art sculptures and art frames at your home, it’s something that exists in every home; most furniture at your home is made out of wood or even ceilings, floors, and doors.

With all the impressive benefits like being an organic, anisotropic, and hygroscopic material, wood has properties that other materials don’t. However, some cons of wood can haunt you, but they’re easy to disregard and eliminate as long as you know the cause behind it.

Have you ever come home and found small piles of wood dust accumulated under your sofa? Well, that’s undoubtedly a sign of termite infestation. Termites are the deadliest pests living in your home, damaging your beloved furniture, and they can devastate your home if left unchecked. It doesn’t take them long to chew through structural beams, spread, and cause extensive damage.

In this blog, we learn the signs of termites around wood, how to prevent an invasion and what to do when you find these tiny invaders in your woodpile. So, let’s begin.

Get Rid of Moisture

Moisture welcomes termites into your home, and hence if you want to keep your home safe from a termite attack, immediately get rid of excess moisture. Protect your wooden furniture by making sure that it’s not moist. If you reside in a humid environment, the best tool to invest in is a dehumidifier. During summers, you can turn your air conditioner on periodically to preserve a cool temperature in the house and remove surplus moisture from the indoors. You can even start regular dry dusting and dry cleaning for your furniture, and lastly, try that your home doesn’t get a seepage problem due to that rainy season.

Invite That Sunlight In

Termites can eat your expensive furniture, but did you know that termites hate sunlight? There you have it, a solution! Sunlight works as a natural disinfectant, and in fact, termites can die if they’re exposed to too much sunlight and heat. If you’ve got furniture that you suspect is infested with termites, drag the furniture down the yard to bake under sunlight for a bit. The termites would eventually travel around under the scorching heat and soon fled to find shade. As soon as you realize there aren’t any more termites coming, remove the furniture and keep it under shade.

Declutter and Update Your Storage Space

It’s essential to carry out a decluttering and organizing drive in your house. The best way to keep termites from invading your home is, for example, storing firewood pieces safely and adequately. Whether it’s the firewood for burning or some other wood stacks in the garage, ensure to seal them or keep them off-ground properly. You can do this simply by using a rack that is specially designed for holding firewood. One easy way is to pile up bricks or concrete pads to form a platform to store the wood. Or you can even use wrapping paper to wrap all leftover wood pieces and store them away. Furniture can’t be wrapped, so to prevent infestation around wooden furniture, be sure to use anti-termite sprays.

Spray That Vinegar

Repel the termites with white vinegar! Vinegar is believed to be the wonder material for a house. Not only you can use it to clean everything from your kitchen counter but also use it to finish the termites. Just mix up half a cup of vinegar with juice from two lemons, and you got your termite killer. Put it in a spray bottle and spray the mixture around the areas you find infected with termites. Vinegar and lemon juice combined becomes an acidic substance and surely kills the termites on contact. Make sure to spray regularly to catch any termites you didn’t before.

Take Preventive Measures

Prevention is always better than cure. The best way to treat a problem is to make sure the problem never occurs at first. Instead of trying to find ways to get rid of termites, look for ways to keep them from entering your house in the first place. Regular termite inspections can help you keep tracking the termite infestation, but you should also keep wood, cardboard, and other cellulose away from affected areas. In addition, a proper inspection is necessary to keep the moisture out of your homes with proper ventilation and proper drainage around the home.

The Bottom Line

Termites can build colonies below your home and attack the foundation. Use one or more of these ideas to keep termite infestation away and protect your investment. While these treatments may be for small and isolated infestations, they might not work in large and disputed areas, but a try doesn’t harm, right? You can maintain your home by better cleaning your furniture with oils to keep the termites at bay in addition to other measures.

Suppose you want to book the professionals, call us, and get some help to get rid of the termite problem or a simple termite inspection!

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