After a chaotic and stressful day at the office, you deserve a space where you can chill out, rest, and unwind. Beyond meeting the needs of being simply functional, your bathroom needs to be a relaxing retreat by its own means.

Whether you sink your body into a hot bath or want to enjoy a relaxing and soothing shower, make your experience luxurious. The idea of remodeling your bathroom with all the planning often is stressful and intimidating. In reality, it’s not that hard as it seems to transform the only personal space in your home. You just need to be on the right track, with an expert team who meets every delicate need and desire to make your dream come true and pays attention to all intricate and meticulous details.

Here are some of the many ideas on updating your bathroom features from basic and old-fashioned to modern style, relaxing, and giving yourself a home spa feel.

High-Tech and Hands-free Faucet

Inspired by the naturally flowing water, a hands-free faucet is a perfect fit for any bathroom décor. High-tech hands-free faucets are sensor-operated, which means there’s no need for levers or buttons to start the water flow. Also, it causes no splatter when you wash your hands and offers a gentle pour and soft, balanced stream of water which is stunning and functional.

Add/Remove Cabinets

Don’t have enough space for all of your toiletries? Does everything seem scattered around? Install a new cabinet or vanity. The bathroom cabinet is always the star of a bathroom remodel project. However, if you’ve spare cabinets taking up the majority functional space of your bathroom, downsize them and create a more open space style that feels welcoming. Gather everything that’s scattered around and organize your toiletries and styling tools separately. New cabinets are functional and can transform the look and feel of any space while providing more storage space. A floating vanity is one of the most modern and stylish looks today. It makes the bathroom feel airier with space between the bottom of the vanity and floor. You can also add an open shelve style with baskets to give a more modern style of storage.

Luxury Tub

Is your existing tub outdated and small? Add a new luxurious bathtub to soak the day away with a soothing bath because, let’s be honest, a new white tub shouts “luxury” like nothing else. It’s beautiful and functional. Whether your luxury style is a walk-in tub, shower tub, or traditional bathtub, you can fit bathtubs into any contemporary or classic designs to your preferred style and needs. These bathtubs really help unify the luxurious look of your new bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles

Trendy and elegant-looking white ceramic backsplash that extends to your countertops helps accent your new luxury tub and gives it a beautiful, welcoming look. A fresh pop of color tiling around your tub can be a great way to spruce up your bathroom. Whether you want a water-resistant or stain-resistant tiling style, you can find many for your choice. Brighten up your mood and your bathroom with a freshly tiled floor. On top of the visual, you can also add music in the background or green plants to enhance your spa experience.

Frameless Glass Showers

Glass doors in a shower are beautiful and provide a luxurious look to a basic bathroom. It’s not about the looks, but the shower is also convenient for aging people using the bathroom since there’s no ledge or lip to step over while entering. This becomes a great choice when considering safety and precautionary benefits. If you love the idea of a frameless glass shower in your bathroom, upgrade it today by switching your bath style to a walk-in style shower and enjoy the experience.

Need Help?

No more feeling underwhelmed by your bathroom. At [business name], our handyman experts can help you bring your vision to life. We can take care of every minor update you need in your washroom, whether you need to start with repairs or install new showers to lock the deal. From fixing your pipes, repairing faucets, installing new tubs and shower systems, repairing the walls and floor of your bathroom, we can be very handy when it comes to small details of a vast bathroom remodel project.

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