We often tend to neglect gutter maintenance for our homes, and on a serious note, it can cost thousands of dollars if something goes wrong.

When you’re a homeowner, gutter cleaning can be crucial if not clean. It can invite rainwater to settle in them and cause it to go inside your home, causing expensive damage. In addition, moisture in your walls can develop mold, attracting insects and rodents, which could be a health concern for your family, such as mold illness. If you’re worried about your gutters not cleaned in a long while, well, it’s time you start. It’s better not to spend thousands of dollars on something you can fix in hours. Are you wondering how often and in what ways you can opt to maintain your gutter cleanliness? Already managing the waste all year round, the drainage gutters can become weak and require maintenance. Therefore, maintaining cleanliness is beneficial for preserving the lifespan of gutters.

When To Clean Your Gutters?

So, now that you know it’s essential to clean and maintain your gutters, the next question arises, when to clean gutters in your home? First, you should know that your home gutter maintenance is dependent on where you’re located and how well you’ve managed your landscape. For example, homes with several trees hanging around the roof need to clean their gutters more often than those who don’t have countless trees.

The location, weather, and surrounding of your home really do matter. Typically, the best time to clean gutters is during autumn, when the leaves start to fall. However, fall isn’t the only time to clean because leaves and debris can fall into your gutters even after a storm hits. So, ensure that you at least keep a check on your gutters throughout the year by climbing a ladder to see if there is something in the gutter that needs removal. You must clean gutters at least six times throughout the year and at least three cleaning sessions during the fall season. Keep in mind that gutters are meant to pipe debris and other harmful waste away from your house. In locations with high-intensity heat, gutters might be working more efficiently, while in locations where fall season prevails, the tree leaves end up more in the gutter. So it becomes vital to check your location to service the gutter frequently. During the winters, it could become problematic because by the end of winter, the “late-clinging leaves and branches” are leftover debris that funnels into the gutter as the ice melts. However, during the spring, pollen, wayfaring leaves easily end up in the gutter blocking them up. Summers may make it easy for you during the cleaning because they don’t require much except during storms that cause the wind to take all debris back into the gutters.

Do You Need Professionals’ Help?

We know, we know! Gutter cleaning isn’t fun, but you need to take it seriously. Neglecting the gutter cleaning makes your home prone to water damage which can be expensive. If you can’t do it yourself, we suggest hiring a handyman to do the job for you seamlessly.

Very few homeowners possess the right skills or either the right tools for a gutter cleaning task. It isn’t easy as climbing a ladder and collecting all the debris. It can get Messy! Even if you’ve got a ladder that extends to the gutter height, this position is dangerous for an amateur. A person cleaning could be a target of an injury or worse, so it is always ideal for reaching out for help from professional cleaners and handypersons.

At Only Option Handyman Service in Oklahoma City, we offer an insured and trademarked handyman service. We’re a reputable professional business ensuring that we help take care of all the minor issues of your home maintenance, including gutter cleaning. Our handyman has the best tools and cleaning equipment to make the job faster and hassle-free for you. Most importantly, we aim to provide service to one customer at a time to be completely focused and offer regular checks for your home needs. Whether you need to fix that gutter leak, faucet leak, or need to clean your gutter, let’s do it and not make minor problems grow.

We do the job right, and we do it for you.

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